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The First Run

Well folks I did it! My first run of the season, and 3.25 miles of it. I’m not going to lie this morning when I woke up and I knew I had to run, I was not looking forward to it. I was afraid I would get bored, give up, and turn around to go back home.

When I began my run this morning I gave myself plenty of time to warm-up and stretch. It might be spring time, but the weather outside is a crisp 50 degrees. After 15 minutes of running, my knees began to really bug me, my chest hurt, my right hip was acting all wonky. I didn’t know what to do, my mind went into panic mode “just don’t get injured” it told me.

Leggings: Jockey from Marshalls, Sneakers: Nike

I stopped running and decided to run for 5 minutes, stretch for 5 minutes. It really helped! I think I will keep doing this until I can comfortably run without feeling like my body is falling apart. I finished 3.25 miles in 45 minutes and I am so dang proud of myself.

Runkeeper keeping track of my progress

For the beginner runners out there like me don’t give up, it gets easier. Hey! We have to start somewhere and the beginning might seem like a never ending journey of pain, but I know when we reach the finish line we will be feeling so great! I have to say though I downloaded a half marathon training program for beginners, so that I would have some kind of plan to follow.

Bright red face of triumph

Come Tuesday I am running another 3 miles, are you read, on your mark, get set, GO!

Miles Left: 4006


19 thoughts on “The First Run

  1. Thanks for popping by to my blog! Just like you said, running WILL get easier as you progress and you will learn to appreciate all the different aspects of it, I know it from my own experience. Well done and keep on keeping on! xxx


  2. Getting out there and starting is the hardest bit so well done you!!! I never thought I could be a runner and although I find the marathon training super hard at times I really enjoy it. Keep up the great work x


    1. Yes I’m training for a half, but I’m kind of freaked out by all the injuries I’m reading about in blogs, so I’m taking it super slow and doing other workouts to build up muscles in my body.


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