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Fig & Olive, Home Workouts, & The Park

It’s Sunday, and here in New York City the weather just keeps on getting warmer. After a long and exhuasting week, the boyfriend and I decided that we needed a date-day, if that’s a thing I’m not quite sure. It has been two days since I’m gone to the gym, the blisters and bruises still… Continue reading Fig & Olive, Home Workouts, & The Park

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Refinery Rooftop & Injuries

It’s Saturday and the weather is crazy beautiful here in New York City. Memorial Day weekend is in full swing, but I’m stuck at home. After having an intense week of workouts I am blistered, chafed, and unable to walk. I’ve decided that it’s home-ridden Saturday for me. In line with trying to keep myself… Continue reading Refinery Rooftop & Injuries

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Workout Recap & Foodies Goodies

Well it’s Friday, thank goodness! I have had such an insane week. First off I finished my $19 class pass deal. I did rowing, yoga, TRX, and Surfiest. I think my body was really tired either from the heat, my extravagant meals, or Β working out a lot but I’m exhausted.   Sunday: TRX Monday: Rest… Continue reading Workout Recap & Foodies Goodies

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Desert Runners – Movie Review

  A co-worker had opened my eyes to the concept of ultra-marathoning. Basically it’s people who are crazy enough to run an obscene amount of kilometers under super strenuous conditions. Although I don’t envision myself doing something of this sort I do find it psychologically intriguing. I decided to see if Netflix had any documentaries… Continue reading Desert Runners – Movie Review