Why this blog? Why not this blog, I mean you are already here you might as well read about my failures, my triumph, and my journey of running towards the most beautiful city in the world (well virtually that is).

Why Milan? It’s the fashion capital of the world, what better way to combine fashion and fitness then running to Milan. I also have a secret wish to be Italian, the beautiful olive skin, the delicious food, the never ending wine. Being Italian seems like the greatest gift of all.

Who is this blog for? Anyone who has ever struggled with fitness, hates running, and can’t or doesn’t believe they can do it. I am YOU! Seriously though, before this blog I could barely run a mile. If you believe you will achieve, all it takes is some major determination.

The goal: 4,010 miles, that’s the distance it takes to get from Manhattan to Milan, Italy.

Let the good times begin!




11 thoughts on “About

  1. I just read your about me, I literally chuckled to myself, I am almost full Italian and unfortunately I was not blessed with the olive skin. My sister was, she always has a great tone to her skin and somehow I’m whiter then paper! No fair!


    1. I am very very pale hahaha, and I’m originally Israel so also I don’t fit the typical dark haired, mocha skinned, and curly haired look that is typical in a lot of our culture. I love Italian food though oh man!!! I’m hoping to make my way there in the near future 🙂


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