Do you know the distance between Milan and New York is 4,010 miles? It’s a little crazy when you think about it. Hi, I’m Bat-el, the creator of Running to Milan. I started this blog, more than a year ago, as a way to get healthy and fit with a fun theoretical goal in mind of running 4,010 miles.

After many life changes, new job, new apartment, new beau, I have decided to get back to it. I am not a certified trainer, I am obsessed with bagels, I love french fries, and most of all I just happen to live in the craziest city in the world, New York City. So, in short, this is not a health nut type of blog, this is more about balance, happiness, and my journey towards a fitter stronger me.



photo credit: NH Hotels


The goal: when I reach 4,000 miles, I will finish the last 10 in Milan :).

See you at the finish life!






11 Responses to About

  1. What a great idea! I just stumbled across your blog now and look forward to following your journey! All the best! #happyrunning!


  2. The gym bug says:

    Love your blog! Such a great goal to gave! As a complete beginner myself I’m looking forward to following your journey 😊


  3. I just read your about me, I literally chuckled to myself, I am almost full Italian and unfortunately I was not blessed with the olive skin. My sister was, she always has a great tone to her skin and somehow I’m whiter then paper! No fair!


    • batelm2014 says:

      I am very very pale hahaha, and I’m originally Israel so also I don’t fit the typical dark haired, mocha skinned, and curly haired look that is typical in a lot of our culture. I love Italian food though oh man!!! I’m hoping to make my way there in the near future 🙂


  4. fromdreamtoplan says:

    Your determination is definitely inspiring!
    I’m italian and yeh, now that I live abroad sometimes I realize how lucky I am to come from a country with awesome food!! Happy to have found you!



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