The Run That Saved My Day

It has been such a crazy beginning to the week. My little kitten is sick again, my boyfriend is still stuck in Israel, and I’m over here dealing with like a million different complications, not fun! I was about to cancel my run for today, because I have to look up pet insurance providers and get a quote and ask which ones cover certain appointments, but I knew that if I didn’t just give myself an hour to unwind I would go crazy.


Stella’s eye post-antibiotic drops, hopes it helps!

Thank goodness I got my butt to the gym. I laced up my sneakers, turned on Runkeeper, and jammed out to Kygo on Pandora. I finished the 3 miles I planned on. Boy, I feel so much better. Now as I’m sitting here calling insurance providers and eating my bagel, I just know things are going to get better.


Feeling really good about my progress


I love the feeling I get from working out!

Whenever I’m having a horrible terrible no good very bad day I try to think of all the good things. Like the fact that I have amazing friends, I am lucky to be loved by a wonderful man, my family gives me so much support whenever it’s needed, and the fact that I have a loving kitten who is obsessed with me and curls up right next to my legs just to be close. I also think about how beautiful it has become outside, how much I love the sunshine, how lucky I am to be healthy, happy, and living the life I always dreamed of. Thinking of the good in my life always helps to offset the struggles.


I did it! 3 miles and it was not easy for me at all 😦

This week will be great, it will be fabulous, and it will be grand. I will figure out all the struggles, and the issues, and the problems because I’m a problem solver and a quick thinker. I got this! Tomorrow is a 2 mile easy run. Who knows maybe I’ll finally get the news that boyfriend is coming home, and Stella’s eye will clear up, but I’ll have to wait till then.


Dinner was bagel with tofutti, green olives, and cherry tomatoes and another bagel with tofurkey, mustard, olives, and tomatoes.

If you are ever feeling like the world is crashing around you just think about the good stuff, take a breather, get outside, or head to the gym and do something to release your endorphins, trust me you will feel a million times better!

Miles Left: 4,004


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Trying to find happiness wherever life takes me and having fun along the way.
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4 Responses to The Run That Saved My Day

  1. It’s so true, I drag my butt to the gym and it sucks but afterwards you feel so much better! I feel like it gives you a better outlook on the day!


  2. Absolutely not! Keep the posts up there awesome reads!


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