I’m Back!

Hi there! It has been a while. I missed you guys! So…where have I been? Well it has been almost a year since we last spoke. I went through a break-up, moved three times, changed jobs, oh and even moved to the Upper West Side.

My gym is now Crunch. Overall, I have to say, I am happy with my life. I am dating a new guy and he COOKS FOR ME πŸ™‚ Yes, that’s right. He treats me with respect, he doesn’t cheat on me, and he shows how much he cares for me and makes me feel beautiful inside and out. I have a lot more self love going on now. I feel happier and like I am totally worth it.

When you go through a break-up and realize how bad things were it takes a while to get out of that whole funk. I’m not sure if I’m 100% mentally there, but I think it gets easier as time goes on.

Stella is healthy, I am healthy, and now I am vegan :). With all the crazy changes in my life, new friends, new parties, single life, now dating life, I gained a little bit of weight… Let’s be real, who am I kidding, I gained close to 25 lbs.


Something sparked me to look at this blog and it gave me so much motivation seeing how far I had gone in such a short time. Seeing the goals I crushed and good I looked. Now that I am fully and truly happy with my life, I think it’s time to get the fitness back on track.

On Thursday is my 26th birthday and for the month of September I have a few goals I am going to push.

  • Run at least 3 times a week
  • Try one fitness class a week
  • Do at least one outdoor run

Screenshot_20170904-200108Last night I went on my first run/walk. I finished close to 5 miles. My feet ached, this was after a day of walking at least three miles after brunch. The scenic view was gorgeous. We ran on the boardwalk that is adjacent to the Hudson River.

I am such a sucker for a gorgeous sunset. My friend runs a little slower than me, which is totally fine. We did one minute run, one minute walk until we reached 20 minutes and then we just walked all the way back. I think I need to stretch better, because the back of my knee muscle really hurt and it is way too early to get injured.

Tomorrow I am going to start doing morning runs. They are going to be short. We are going to start with 30 minutes and then do some leg weight workouts to strengthen my legs, so they don’t buckle down when I run.

So here is 4.49 miles for the books.

until next time.



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Fig & Olive, Home Workouts, & The Park

It’s Sunday, and here in New York City the weather just keeps on getting warmer. After a long and exhausting week, the boyfriend and I decided that we needed a date-day, if that’s a thing I’m not quite sure.

It has been two days since I’d gone to the gym, the blisters and bruises still hurt, so I did an at home workout. It was no joke either, totally a tough one. My mom recommended that I try Workout Trainer by Skimple. I did a lot of planks, side-tap planks, squats, lungs, etc. I was sweating through the whole 16 min. Then I did another workout for 11 minutes.


The boyfriend and I decided to go to Central Park for our day-date. Walking alongside the gorgeous trees, and seeing people of all ages sitting around laughing, napping, and playing games is just a hoot. I put on a lot of sun screen, cause I’m really pale, and because I’m always very conscious about the health of my skin.

After the park, we walked to a French Riviera restaurant called Fig & Olive. I ordered the Monaco cocktail and it was so delicious. I couldn’t taste the alcohol in it, which is just the way I like my drinks, don’t judge. For an appetizer, my bf and I ordered the Truffle Mushroom Croquette, which is basically these fried balls filled with mushrooms and bΓ©chamel sauce. Then for the main meal, I ordered the Fig & Olive salad, piled high with greens, different cheeses, olives, and figs. My boyfriend ordered the Penne Funghi Tartufo. The pasta was lightly coated with some olive oil, sautΓ©ed truffled mushrooms, and hints of parmesan. My boyfriend didn’t love it, but from the bits and pieces I had, it tasted pretty great to me.


The great thing about eating a salad for dinner is avoiding the heaviness that comes with a serious meal. Now we are winding down and getting ready to watch our shows before bed. Tomorrow I’m going to try and get in a run outside, so expect some pretty pictures πŸ™‚ Happy Memorial Day for those who celebrate.

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Refinery Rooftop & Injuries

It’s Saturday and the weather is crazy beautiful here in New York City. Memorial Day weekend is in full swing, but I’m stuck at home. After having an intense week of workouts I am blistered, chafed, and unable to walk.


I’ve decided that it’s home-ridden Saturday for me. In line with trying to keep myself more healthy and progress in my fitness journey, I decided to forget the snacks at the pharmacy and make myself some rice and red lentils. Grabbing literally everything that I have in my fridge, I also made a spinach salad with a bunch of fun toppings.

Today it’s binge watching tv shows and updating the blog for me. I’m hoping to see how my body feels and go grocery shopping to get some more healthy supplies for the week.


Last night we decided to have a night out on the town. We got all dressed up, me blisters and all, and headed to Refinery Rooftop located on 38th street and 6th ave.


I ordered the Blood Orange Mojito and then settled for a beer. We finished the night eating some pizza before heading home to bed.

Miles Left: 3,915.6

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Workout Recap & Foodies Goodies

Well, it’s Friday, thank goodness! I have had such an insane week. First off I finished my $19 class pass deal. I did rowing, yoga, TRX, and Surfiest. I think my body was really tired either from the heat, my extravagant meals, or working out a lot but I’m exhausted.

Sunday: TRX

Monday: Rest day, I was too sore to even get out of bed

Tuesday: Surfset

Wednesday: 5 mile run

Thursday: Rest day, I know another one, but I can’t help it I am exhausted.

Friday (AKA today): Going to the gym will see how much mileage I can garner.

Foodie finds of the week:

So this week instead of going to the gym on Sunday, my friend and I went to explore a food festival outside of our house. We got corn on the grill, funnel cake, and I got a smoothie. It was nice to be outside, walk around, and eat a bunch of food.


After surfset, my friend and I were starving, so we stopped by this little taco bar, I got vegetarian enchiladas and she got the chicken version.


Then that Sunday the bf and I usually have date night, so we went to the Drunken Munkey, an Indiana restaurant in our neighborhood. I got the buttered paneer and he got the buttered chicken. It was so delicious, plus I just couldn’t resist and ordered myself a cocktail.


Yesterday, the bf and I decided it was time for date night. We settled on an Italian restaurant in our neighborhood. The food was sub-par but the cheese, olives, and prosecco were excellent, so it made it worthwhile. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever said no to dessert cause I was so full.


There you have it folks, big week in a short small post. I’m going to try and be more health conscious next week. I tend to eat out a lot, so my goal is to reduce it to once a week. I have some good recipes lined up that I’m hoping to share, plus kickboxing is going to be added to the mix starting Sunday.

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Gym Buddy Moving & Blisters

Hey everyone! This week has been so great for me. My brother graduated from college, I completed my longest run, and now I’m resting with my foot propped on top of the living room table with a huge blister. After graduation the parents, my brother, and I went out to eat at a delicious Middle Eastern restaurant in MontClaire, New Jersey called Uncle Momo’s.


I think it’s time to go look for actual running shoes, Β since I’m running over five miles now a few days a week, but I’m just to tired to move at the moment. My friend and gym buddy is leaving the Upper East Side to live on the Upper West Side. It broke my heart, first because she’s one of my closest friends, but second because we won’t be able to go to the gym as readily as we have been able to.


I had been doing kickboxing through a Groupon for a while a today I decided to sign up as a member! What!!! I know crazy, but since my gym buddy is moving away I decided I need to change up my endurance routine and I think this will be a fun way to burn an insane amount of calories and build up my strength.

I’m the kind of person that if I don’t have someone to go workout with me I probably won’t do it, so at least going to classes and to running groups will motivate me to stay involved. Got any tips to stay motivated to workout, when your gym buddy is no longer your gym buddy?


Now I’m sitting here watching the Bayern Munich game with my fanboy boyfriend and our cat is laying on the carpet tired from the exhuasting day that she had of doing nothing.

Miles Left: 3,925.85


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Triumph, Aqua, & Healthy Eating

Yesterday was a huge triumph for me. My training has totally changed from the original plan. I’m kind of just running as much as I can as often as I can, I know not a legit plan but it seems to be working. Yesterday was an amazing day for me. I usually run for about a mile and then take a 2 minute break before I continue to the next mile. Yesterday I decided that I would try to run for a total of 30 minutes straight and see what will happen.

I put on Pandora and changed my channel from the usual to Aqua, yes Barbie Girl all the way! Let me just say Aqua, Shakira, and Cascada were the reason I went from running 30 minutes straight to 48 minutes straight. I took a 2 minute walking break and then continued to run the full hour. I did it!!!! 5.23 miles of it and then walked for the last 5 minutes finishing at 5.39 miles.


I feel like running is 70% mental 30% physical. I just had to keep telling myself not to quit the whole entire time. It also helped that my friend was running alongside me the whole time. Finishing that hour felt like finishing a race, this sense of happiness just swept over me.


I ended the night with a healthy salad, omelette with mushrooms, some toasted tofu, and lots of fun conversations. I’m trying to be better about my eating habits, so for lunch I usually pack a delicious salad with a ton of veggies, some kind of protein, and a grain on the side. I also try to include a yogurt, a fruit, and a snack bar.


I’m hoping that making subtle changes to my eating habits will help me get in better shape for summer. Got any tips?

Miles Left: 3,931.11

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Running Interval 1 & Girls Night

I love running intervals on the treadmill. I get so bored running at the same pace for a long time and physically I’m just not able to, so I like to play around with inclines, speeds, and just have fun with the hour that I’m running on the treadmill.


I’m going to try and add new interval routines each week to share with you all.

  • 15 min running at 5.6 speed.
  • 1 min walking at 3.6 speed.

Repeat twice.

  • 5 min running at 5.4 speed
  • 1 min walking at 3.6 speed

Repeat twice

  • Increase the incline to 2.0
  • 1 min running at 6.0 speed
  • 1 min walking at 3.7 speed

Repeat eight times

Done! 60 minutes and a crazy amount of mileage covered. If you try this interval let me know what you think.


After the gym my friend and I decided to have a girl’s night and eat some cheese, sip some wine, and laugh a whole lot. It was the perfect way to end the weekend.

Miles Left: 3,936.5




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