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Fig & Olive, Home Workouts, & The Park

It’s Sunday, and here in New York City the weather just keeps on getting warmer. After a long and exhuasting week, the boyfriend and I decided that we needed a date-day, if that’s a thing I’m not quite sure.

It has been two days since I’m gone to the gym, the blisters and bruises still hurt, so I did an at home workout. It was no joke either, totally a tough one. My mom recommended that I try Workout Trainer by Skimple. I did a lot of planks, side-tap planks, squats, lungs, etc. I was sweating through the whole 16 min. Then I did another workout for 11 minutes.


The boyfriend and I decided to go to Central Park for our day-date. Walking alongside the gorgeous trees, and seeing people of all ages sitting around laughing, napping, and playing games is just a hoot. I put on a lot of sun screen, cause I’m really pale, and because I’m always very conscious about the health of my skin.

After the park we walked to a French Riviera restaurant called Fig & Olive. I ordered the Monaco cocktail and it was so delicious. I couldn’t taste the alcohol in it, which is just the way I like my drinks, don’t judge. For an appetizer my bf and I ordered the Truffle Mushroom Croquette, which are basically these fried balls filled with mushrooms and bΓ©chamel sauce. Then for the main meal I ordered the Fig & Olive salad, piled high with greens, different cheeses, olives, and figs. My boyfriend ordered the Penne Funghi Tartufo. The pasta was lightly coated with some olive oil, sautΓ©ed truffled mushrooms, and hints of parmesan. My boyfriend didn’t love it, but from the bits and pieces I had, it tasted pretty great to me.


The great thing about eating a salad for dinner is avoiding the heaviness that comes with a serious meal. Now we are winding down and getting ready to watch our shows before bed. Tomorrow I’m going to try and get in a run outside, so expect some pretty pictures πŸ™‚ Happy Memorial Day for those who celebrate.



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