Refinery Rooftop & Injuries

It’s Saturday and the weather is crazy beautiful here in New York City. Memorial Day weekend is in full swing, but I’m stuck at home. After having an intense week of workouts I am blistered, chafed, and unable to walk.


I’ve decided that it’s home-ridden Saturday for me. In line with trying to keep myself more healthy and progress in my fitness journey, I decided to forget the snacks at the pharmacy and make myself some rice and red lentils. Grabbing literally everything that I have in my fridge, I also made a spinach salad with a bunch of fun toppings.

Today it’s binge watching tv shows and updating the blog for me. I’m hoping to see how my body feels and go grocery shopping to get some more healthy supplies for the week.


Last night we decided to have a night out on the town. We got all dressed up, me blisters and all, and headed to Refinery Rooftop located on 38th street and 6th ave.


I ordered the Blood Orange Mojito and then settled for a beer. We finished the night eating some pizza before heading home to bed.

Miles Left: 3,915.6


About batelm2014

Trying to find happiness wherever life takes me and having fun along the way.
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