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Workout Recap & Foodies Goodies

Well it’s Friday, thank goodness! I have had such an insane week. First off I finished my $19 class pass deal. I did rowing, yoga, TRX, and Surfiest. I think my body was really tired either from the heat, my extravagant meals, or Β working out a lot but I’m exhausted.


Sunday: TRX

Monday: Rest day, I was too sore to even get out of bed

Tuesday: Surfset

Wednesday: 5 mile run

Thursday: Rest day, I know another one, but I can’t help it I am exhausted.

Friday (AKA today): Going to the gym will see how much mileage I can garner.

Foodie finds of the week:

So this week instead of going to the gym on Sunday, my friend and I went to explore a food festival outside of our house. We got corn on the grill, funnel cake, and I got a smoothie. It was nice to be outside, walk around, and eat a bunch of food.


After surfset my friend and I were starving, so we stopped by this little taco bar, I got vegetarian enchiladas and she got the chicken version.


Then that Sunday the bf and I usually have date night, so we went to the Drunken Munkey, an Indiana restaurant in our neighborhood. I got the buttered paneer and he got the buttered chicken. It was so delicious, plus I just couldn’t resist and ordered myself a cocktail.


Yesterday that bf and I decided it was time for date night. We settled on an Italian restaurant in our neighborhood. The food was sub-par but the cheese, olives, and prosecco were excellent, so it made it worthwhile. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever said no to dessert cause I was so full.


There you have it folks, big week in a short small post. I’m going to try and be more health conscious next week. I tend to eat out a lot, so my goal is to reduce it to once a week. I have some good recipes lined up that I’m hoping to share, plus kickboxing is going to be added to the mix starting Sunday.


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