Gym Buddy Moving & Blisters

Hey everyone! This week has been so great for me. My brother graduated from college, I completed my longest run, and now I’m resting with my foot propped on top of the living room table with a huge blister. After graduation the parents, my brother, and I went out to eat at a delicious Middle Eastern restaurant in MontClaire, New Jersey called Uncle Momo’s.


I think it’s time to go look for actual running shoes, Β since I’m running over five miles now a few days a week, but I’m just to tired to move at the moment. My friend and gym buddy is leaving the Upper East Side to live on the Upper West Side. It broke my heart, first because she’s one of my closest friends, but second because we won’t be able to go to the gym as readily as we have been able to.


I had been doing kickboxing through a Groupon for a while a today I decided to sign up as a member! What!!! I know crazy, but since my gym buddy is moving away I decided I need to change up my endurance routine and I think this will be a fun way to burn an insane amount of calories and build up my strength.

I’m the kind of person that if I don’t have someone to go workout with me I probably won’t do it, so at least going to classes and to running groups will motivate me to stay involved. Got any tips to stay motivated to workout, when your gym buddy is no longer your gym buddy?


Now I’m sitting here watching the Bayern Munich game with my fanboy boyfriend and our cat is laying on the carpet tired from the exhuasting day that she had of doing nothing.

Miles Left: 3,925.85



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Trying to find happiness wherever life takes me and having fun along the way.
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2 Responses to Gym Buddy Moving & Blisters

  1. JB West says:

    Way to go! I was skimming through my tags and the UW robe caught my eye because I have one–1993 PhD followed by Seattle Marathon. We need that release after all those hours of research and writing. Good luck with all your running.


    • batelm2014 says:

      Wow amazing! My mother went to Penn State, must be similar robes to WU. I saw a lot of different professors with similar robes. She is a professor at my brother’s school, so she was leading all the Business school kids down commencement.


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