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Running Interval 1 & Girls Night

I love running intervals on the treadmill. I get so bored running at the same pace for a long time and physically I’m just not able to, so I like to play around with inclines, speeds, and just have fun with the hour that I’m running on the treadmill.


I’m going to try and add new interval routines each week to share with you all.

  • 15 min running at 5.6 speed.
  • 1 min walking at 3.6 speed.

Repeat twice.

  • 5 min running at 5.4 speed
  • 1 min walking at 3.6 speed

Repeat twice

  • Increase the incline to 2.0
  • 1 min running at 6.0 speed
  • 1 min walking at 3.7 speed

Repeat eight times

Done! 60 minutes and a crazy amount of mileage covered. If you try this interval let me know what you think.


After the gym my friend and I decided to have a girl’s night and eat some cheese, sip some wine, and laugh a whole lot. It was the perfect way to end the weekend.

Miles Left: 3,936.5





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