Rowing to Bikini Body Island

Hey guys! Since I’ve been feeling ย a little under the weather my half-marathon training has not gone as planned. This has given me the perfect opportunity to catch you up on other fun fitness experiences that have happened.

My friend and I purchased $19 class pass base-plan. Usually it’s about $75 for 5 classes, but they had a deal for $19. Our first class was at Row House in Chelsea.


After stuffing our faces with burgers, me veggie, her turkey, we prepared to head to the class. The room was spacious, cool, and sleek. The staff was super friendly and showed us to the locker area.


The class is 45 minutes long. You have 10 minutes of rowing, 8 minutes of squats, lunges, and planks, and then 20 minutes of rowing intervals. The class was challenging, I was feeling a bit of pain in my back, so the instructor came over and adjusted my posture.


Overall it was such a great experience. I recommend everyone try rowing at least once. Although I don’t envision myself a rower in the future, I did like the change to my workout routine.


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Trying to find happiness wherever life takes me and having fun along the way.
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2 Responses to Rowing to Bikini Body Island

  1. christelcee says:

    That sounds like a challenging class for me!! But definitely something on my workout bucket list! Thanks for sharing.


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