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My First 5K

On May 1 I completed my first 5K. It was a goal I was working toward all this month. I ran three days a week, and included two days of cross training and strength training. On the day of the race it was drizzling early in the morning.



I set the alarm for 6: 15 am, got dressed quietly, and grabbed a bagel on the way out the door. I took two subways from Manhattan to Brooklyn and followed some people that looked like runners. The weather didn’t seem to change at all. It was cold, gloomy, and not what I expected for my first ever race.



I got my yellow t-shirt and pinned my number on for the very first time! I walked to the starting line and before I knew it the gun was shot and the race began. In the beginning I felt great, but then my mind started to go crazy, I felt every muscle tense, my lungs were heavy, and I just kept thinking where is the end! I didn’t give up, not when my mind told me stop what I was doing. I kept on going, one mile passed, then two, then three, and 34 minutes later I had crossed the finish line.


I love running outside, the smells, the texture of the pavement, the people. I was running 10 minute miles, my fastest, and it felt so freeing. After the race I grabbed a free bagel and a glass of water and headed to start the hour journey home.


When I came home my little kitten curled up next to me and we took a three hour nap together. What an amazing first day of May. Today I took the day off for a friend’s birthday, so now I’m updating the blog, getting a mani/pedi, gym time, running shoe fitting, and so much more.

Miles Left: 3,947.99


12 thoughts on “My First 5K

  1. Great post! Congratulations on your first 5K!! I did a muddy obstacle course one and it actually went a lot faster than I thought. I had to comment as son as I saw your kitten – SO CUTE! His/Her prints are a gorgeous colour, almost sandy. Ugh god the crazy cat lady in me is coming out. Great post xx


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