My First Run With Nike

Yesterday was officially my first run with Nike’s Running club on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. We met at the store located on 66th St. and 3rd Ave. I was so nervous going in. For one thing I’m a baby beginner to running, second my knee was still a little fragile, and my hip was still feeling a bit odd, and lastly I was feeling slumpish after finding out my boyfriend would not be coming home this week from Israel.


They give you wrist bands correlating with your speed.

I arrived 30 minutes early, like it specified in the instructions. I was able to give them my backpack and my coat and lined myself up with the other runners. The trainer for my group, Miguel, came over and introduced himself. He told me not to worry and explained the full workout to me. He said that he would be there in the back in case I needed it, but he was sure I could stay in the middle of the group.


Me after the workout all sweaty and gross on the way home.

We took off running toward Central Park for our warm-up. I was feeling pretty good, actually I was in the front of the pack at this point. Then we were divided into groups based on our speed level. I was put in the red group, the beginners group, or as my instructors like to call it “the sexy group” and we began to do some stretches. Our second part of the warm-up was some light jogging and dynamic stretching. Then when we reached the reservoirΒ in Central Park, the running really began. It felt really nice to be running in a group and having the view of the beautiful body of water. It was a chilly night, but I couldn’t even remember being cold. I tried to manage my breath and keep pace with the group. Surprisingly I was at the front of the pack, claps for me! After running 10 minutes out, we turned around and ran 10 minutes back. The next part of the workout was a speedy 200 meter. We did this 6 times in total. Then it was time to jog back to the store.


Stella after the stretching and the guilt-purring.

I was exhausted and tired and completely drained, but oh so happy. Apart from having the sweetest instructors, the girls in my group were so kick ass. We did such a great job motivating each other, and really pushing hard through the workout. The Nike store had bananas, gatorade, water, and kind bars for us. I took a banana and split home to see Stella, my kitten, who had be alone all day. Stella and I, well mostly I since Stella likes to sit in the middle of the yoga mat, did some stretching and yoga together and then it was time to go to bed.

See you on Saturday Nike Running Club, you did not disappoint.


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6 Responses to My First Run With Nike

  1. That’s so awesome you had a great first experience! Way to go!! Hope the knee and hip are doing ok


  2. trimwithjenn says:

    That’s super cool you can do that in NY! Nothing like that here in my small town in FL 😦


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