Kickboxing, Avocado Taco & Beer

It’s the weekend, which means the fun has officially started. As part of my workout routine, every Friday my friend and I sign up for a kickboxing class at 7:50pm, then head out for a night of fun.


I finally fit into my old leggings from BCBG Max Azria

Yesterday was no different. This class is the perfect combination of cardio and strength. As an added bonus the instructor also likes to kill our abs in an effort to shape us into sports illustrated models, so far from ever reaching that goal currently, I just love chocolate way too much.

The best part about Fridays is the fun activity that we always pick to do after working out. Today we decided on Supply House, a local bar on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. They have these to-die-for avocado tempura tacos, and an endless supply, no pun intended, of unique beers.


Today I completed one of my goals for April. I Β ran 5 miles on the treadmill. It’s still kind of cold in New York and I didn’t feel like getting a cold. I have been trying some interval training techniques to keep from getting injuries. I am so happy with my progress recently. My body is starting to show some muscle, and my tush is starting to shape into a nice round thang ❀

IMG_0990IMG_0995 (1)IMG_0997 (1)

The Basic Workout Outline:

  • 3 min. warm-up walk (I also walk to the gym which is about a 10-15 minute walk)
  • 3 min. run at 5.3 – 6.0 speed
  • 1 min. walk

I repeat this formula for an hour and then do a cool-down walk for 5 min and stretch for about 20 minutes. This has been really working well for me. My legs feel great, I’m able to run faster, my recovery time is quicker. Tomorrow I’ll be doing some weight training, trying to build up my gluts to protect my knees and make that apple-bottom-bubble-butt.

Miles Left:3,986.07



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Trying to find happiness wherever life takes me and having fun along the way.
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7 Responses to Kickboxing, Avocado Taco & Beer

  1. You look so cute in your outfit! I feel you on the cold though it was freezing this morning but that’s awesome you hit your April goal!


  2. The gym bug says:

    Well done on completing April’s goal! Your formula for the treadmill sounds great,I really struggle on the treadmill so I’m going to try it next time I’m in the gym πŸ™‚


  3. christelcee says:

    You are looking amazing!! You made me hungry with those tacos they look delicious. I think that it is a great idea to do some kickboxing before a night out, I have to try that sometime.


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